Before-and-After Transformative Home Remodel

At the beginning of a project, creativity is flowing and my initial vantage point is broad and expansive. However, once construction starts the view shifts and I tend to have a more narrow focus. Details such as scheduling, managing the budget and quality of the workmanship and products that are going in command my attention. Much like the earth looking flat or not realizing how much a kiddo has grown in a year, I forget where and what we started with at the beginning of a project. Sometimes it isn’t until you move away from something and get a wider view that you’re able to see it differently.

Now the project is complete, the clients have moved in and photos have been taken, I have the opportunity to stop, step back and see the project from a new perspective. Looking at the before and after photographs next to each other is so fun. Reflecting back and recognizing how transformative the remodel was, reminds me why I do what I do and leaves no doubt that the goal of creating a feel good space for an awesome family was accomplished!

Architecture by Mohment