Top 3 Takeaways From IBS 2019


During the previous year’s 2018 International Builders Show, I sat in on an informative session by Mollie Elkman of Group Two Advertising. She shared a startling stat that a large number of people that attend a conference don't do anything with the information and ideas generated from being at the conference. That’s kind of crazy right!? With the financial commitment and time away from family and business, seemingly it would be a no brainer that on return, it would be one of the first things on the list to delve into. But here I am sitting at my computer roughly two months since the 2019 International Builders Show wrapped. 

Usually when I return home from a trip I unpack my suitcase immediately (or at least the next day). It’s a ritual that I do to bring to a close that adventure, making space to energetically welcome the next.  Literally, I unpacked the day after I returned home from IBS 2019, but figuratively, I am just now starting to unpack and sort through all of the notes, ideas and contacts generated at the show. While doing so I’ve decided to share my top 3 take aways from this year’s International Builders Show, thus shifting the statistic of inaction by conference attendees, if even only by a titch.

As I walked the show floor I noticed that many companies made a point in their marketing to highlight that their products had some aspect of “conservation”. For example, Phyn said “we believe that by developing technology that allows us to listen to and understand our water, we can provide simple tools to empower every one of us to take action to protect our homes, our communities and our planet.” Phyn is an ultrasonic flow meter that will learn the fixtures in your home and let you know how much water is being used. Kind of like “Screen Time” on the iPhone, but for water usage in your home. You’re able to see the usage for each fixture and Phyn can detect a change and alert you to a leak or a broken toilet flapper, etc. There’s no need for multiple sensors as Phyn is connected on the water main and so anything after your shut off valve is monitored. It is pretty cool technology.  It also has an app that allows you to manage and shut off your water remotely if a leak is detected.  

Which brings me to my second take away. Just about everything has the ability to be “connected”. From the Dacor column refrigeration that has “IQ Remote View” that lets you control the temperature, lighting and see what’s inside the fridge. To the Numi toilette from Kohler that lets you personalize your options like lighting, heated seat and foot warmer all while streaming a podcast or music from your Bluetooth connected device.  Light bulbs, doorbells, security cameras, thermostats and garage door openers, to name a few, can all be connected to Alexa, an app or another device.

My favorite take away which relates to being connected, not to things but to people, was all of the great ideas that were shared and women that I met through my participation in the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council (PWB Council). As I previously mentioned, I’ve been to IBS before but this was my first time attending as an active Council member.  Through the educational and networking opportunities offered by the PWB Council I was able to hear how other women handle the unique challenges in the predominantly male industry and see the important work many of them are doing in their communities to spread awareness and promote women in construction/building. I was welcomed warmly and would highly recommend being a part of this dynamic organization.

There was much more than the three takeaways that I noted. The 2019 International Builders Show was filled with countless educational opportunities, new products and conversations.  The show is well organized and provides the opportunity to meet and share with other building industry professionals. IBS 2020 will be in Las Vegas Jan 21-23.